MOOC 2.0: Development and Integration of ALT in Online Learning

 Project in Problem-based Learning (PBL) implementation at TSU

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The aim of the project: under the supervision of experts from Maastrciht University train and certify the faculty members of TSU in Problem-based Learning teaching and learning methodology.


– obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of PBL;

– creating conditions for the PBL introduction and development at TSU.

Implementation dates: October 2017 – December 2019

Project Manager – Kira K. Akimova, Director, Center for the Education Quality Development

 The Creation of Regional Center of Competence in the Field of Online Learning

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The project “The Creation of Regional Center of Competence in the Field of Online Learning” is aimed at implementing the objectives set by the federal priority project “Modern Digital Educational Environment in the Russian Federation”, namely “Creating a system of advanced training for teachers and specialists in the field of online learning”.

Having in mind the development of the digital economy in the Russian Federation, a serious improvement of the entire education system has to be made, including the provision of universal digital literacy. Online learning is becoming the basis for changing the global educational architecture based on a new educational technology platform, digital pedagogy, virtualization of educational activities, globalization of education. In this regard, the creation of centers that will enable teachers of all levels of education to acquire relevant competencies, propose new standards and regulations and overcome the academic community’s distrust of online learning is extremely relevant.

Project aim:

The establishment of the Tomsk Regional Center of Competences in the Field of Online Education (TRCCOE) with a reference site at the National Research Tomsk State University (TSU). The center should carry out integrating and coordinating functions, optimally combining the interests of educational organizations in the region within the framework of a unified state policy in the field of education.

Project goals:

  • To ensure the creation and development of a regional center of competence in the field of online learning in accordance with the developed program for the creation and development of a regional center of competence in the field of online learning for the period 2017-2025;
  • To organize face-to-face education and training using online courses (OC) of employees of educational institutions of higher education and secondary vocational education on the creation and use of OC in the implementation of general academic programs;
  • To organize consulting for employees of educational organizations of the Tomsk Region on the generation of conditions for the implementation of virtual academic mobility and placing information on a ‘single window’ for the possibility of OC results transfer in academic programs;
  • To provide information support for students who are mastering online courses, as well as support for the professional and public discussions on the possibilities of online training and replication of best practices;
  • To organize the monitoring of the development of online education in educational institutions located in the Tomsk Region;
  • To provide material and technical support for the creation of OC by organizations located in the territory of the Tomsk Region;
  • To ensure the creation of OC with the participation of employees who have been trained in advanced training programs.

Project leader:

Galina V. Mozhaeva- candidate of History, Associate Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Research in Humanitarian Problems in Computer Science, Directore of the Institute of Distance Education, TSU.

Expected results of the Project:

TRCCOE should become a catalyst of a radical transformations and innovations in the educational system of the Tomsk Region, Siberian Region overall; and have a positive effect on the social and economic development of the Region. TRCCOE has a great potential because of the unique location, support of all universities in Tomsk Region, especially the working platform at Tomsk State University. The results of the Center will help developing the online learning industry in the Tomsk Region and other regions of the Russian Federation involved in the work of the Tomsk Center.

Target group: students and staff of educational institutions of HE and vocational education, schoolchildren, developers and users of online courses.

Project timeline: 2017-2019

Materials that support Project activities:

  1. Portal Online.
  2. Project Website “Modern Digital Education Environment”.
  3. ‘Single Window’ resource.
  4. TSU page on the portal National Open Education Platform (OpenEdu).

 The Development of Online Educational Projects in TSU

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Online educational projects are projects oriented to e-learning development, implemented by using online technologies.

Online-course is a training course with massive interactive participation using e-learning technologies and open access via the Internet. It is one of the forms of distance education. As a supplement to traditional materials in educational course such as videos, reading and homework, open online courses provide an opportunity to use interactive user forums that help to create and support a community of students, teachers and assistants.

Project aim:

  • Construction of the online courses portfolio aimed at increasing of international competitiveness and brand awareness of the university, including the global level;
  • Expansion of university participation in the national and world educational processes;
  • Engaging students from leading international universities for study at TSU, including implementation of partnership educational programs with international universities, associations and other corporations;
  • Providing opportunities of online education for disabled people;
  • Improvement of the education quality by virtue of integration of classical forms of education with e-learning technologies.

Project goals:

  • To develop TSU online training system on the basis of technologies of Massive Online Open Course (MOOC);
  • To conduct the internal audit of online courses at TSU, analyze student feedback of MOOC TSU, revision of courses based on the results analysis;
  • To investigate MOOC TSU target audience;
  • To development TSU own online platform for training teachers and students, attracting talented young people to TSU;
  • To organization training and participation of TSU teachers in designing online courses for Russian and international platforms, including in English.
  • To develop TSU cooperation with Russian and international MOOC platforms: Coursera, Lectorium, Stepic, National Open Education Platform, etc.;
  • To use open online courses as a marketing tool to attract people to study at the university educational and additional programs, including the implementation of partnership educational programs with international universities and university associations;
  • To develop E-learning in all forms of education in general educational and additional programs, including joint implementation with leading international and Russian universities and scientific organizations;
  • To develop methods for evaluating the effectiveness of e-learning.
  • To explore possibilities of personal learning environments for students and teachers, their integration with the LMS;
  • To implement pilot activities oriented to quality improvement and monetization of open online courses;
  • To monitor and conduct expert review of online courses and e-learning courses in general educational and additional programs.
  • To develop and promote TSU educational online projects;
  • To improve methods and design techniques for digital educational content and providing e-learning.

Project target audience

TSU MOOC students, full-time TSU students and students from other Russian and international universities, and also audience of supplementary vocational education programs, developed based on MOOC.

Materials that support Project activities

 Students’ Project Work Accelerator provided jointly with digital companies

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Accelerator was designed in the framework of the project “Development and approbation of support infrastructure program of practice-oriented education by the cluster of companies in the field of digital technologies”

The aim of the project is to create in TSU a replicable model for organization of students’ project activities by the implementation of interdisciplinary educational programs in cooperation with corporate representatives in the field of digital technologies and to test and endorse the acceleration model on StrAU “Institute of Human of the Digital Era” master programs.

StrAU “Institute of the Human of the Digital Era” arranges work of a cluster of companies in the field of digital technologies in Russia and the world (The StrAU business experts club). This cluster is supposed to perform project support for undergraduates in research practicals and job training; also, provide support for general StrAU events (enrollment campaign, supplementary education, event activity: hackathons, supplementary education, master-classes, etc.) on a long-term basis.

Project manager – Valeria Titova, Head of the Academic Office, StrAU “Institute of the Human of the Digital Era”

 Annual Festival ‘Best educational practices TSU’