The mission of the Institute is to transform learning and teaching in a modern university. Transforming learning and teaching involves updating and creating original technologies, unique content and formats. The transformation of the learning and teaching processes is achieved through fundamental research in the field of education; development of educational technologies (teaching), using artificial intelligence and the results of research on intellectual activity. The time has come when the university cannot cope with the global education chalanges alone. The inclusion of external stakeholders is an important precondition for the success of education transformation.

One of the main objectives of the Institute is the implementation of research and development activities in accordance with digital trends in the areas of advanced educational technologies. Specialists and partners of the Institute are going to pay special attention to the integration of technologies and educational practices for the flexibility of teaching, learning and assessment processes, the study and development of technological learning environments, neuroscience achievements for high educational results, the potential of adaptive and blended learning, the effectiveness of educational technologies and their correlation with psychological characteristics of new generation, analytical technologies and work with a large array of data.