Additional education

The Institute of Advanced Educational Technologies offers modular programs of additional education for various categories of students.

The programs are provided with a set of educational and methodological materials, which are presented in electronic form, and consulting support from teaching staff working with those programs.

Classes are conducted by experienced practitioners and teachers of relevant faculties.

  • Integration of online courses with the academic program
  • Models and technologies for integrating online courses into academic programs
  • Online course: from design to access to the platform
  • Organization of an online course development project
  • Basics of designing and developing online courses in IT
  • Practicalities of video production for online courses
  • Pedagogical activities in preschool education
  • Pedagogical activity in modern educational practices
  • Designing interactive virtual models for online courses
  • Project based learning method as a technology of metasubject learning
  • Development and maintenance of an online course for training medical specialists
  • Implementation of the competence approach in the organization of students’ individual work
  • ‘Moodle’ distance learning system applied in the university department activities
  • Improving the course in the ‘Moodle’ system
  • Modern educational technologies and their use in the educational process of the university
  • Tutoring in education
  • Tutor support in education
  • Digital technology in the humanities
  • Digital technologies in modern education
  • E-learning in high school