International cooperation

Our partners

Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala, Sweden

Folkuniversitetetis a non-profit organization specializing in the field of postgraduate education. It is an association of five institutions – postgraduate education faculties attached to the state universities in the cities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Lund and Umeå.

Folkuniversitetet offers various types of adult education programs and individual courses in more than 40 training centers throughout Sweden. Every year, about 200,000 students attend the programs at Folkuniversitetet. The activities are conducted in close cooperation with state universities, which allows the use of the latest achievements in the field of education, as well as the implementation of comprehensive programs in a variety of areas with the involvement of highly qualified teaching staff.

Association of Universities of Continuing Education EUCEN

The European Network of Universities in the Area of Continuing Education EUCEN (European University Continuing Education) is the largest multi-disciplinary association of universities in the field of continuing education.

EUCEN objectives:

  • contribution to the economic and cultural life of Europe by promoting and contributing to the development of education among higher education institutions in Europe and around the world;
  • promoting the influence of universities on the development of the system of continuous education in Europe.

European Institute for Vocational Education and Adult Education

The ESEDA – European Institute for Vocational Education and Adult Education was established in 2012. Its foundation had the following objectives:

  • improving the quality of additional vocational education provided by institutions specializing in additional professional education in Europe;
  • creation of a transparent system of additional education based on common standards;
  • the introduction of professional qualifications and degrees recognized by all providers of additional professional education in Europe;
  • promoting international exchange of specialists.

Association “History and Computer”

The History and Computer Association (HCA) is one of the oldest professional associations in the humanities in the post-Soviet area. The main goal of the HCA is to coordinate the activities of historians from different countries who apply computer based methods and technologies in their research practice and educational process.